Real estate Strategy
"The strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is just activity before defeat."
Sun Tzu
Chinese philosopher
City development
Sea Line
"The concept of gradually opening up the entire waterfront along the Kozhevnaya Line for free access by city residents. And the public space 'Sevkabel Port' serves as a vibrant starting point in the realization of this grand idea."
"A systematic approach to the transformation of urban areas allows for revitalizing city life in entire districts, filling spaces with people, and creating the necessary infrastructure for businesses. Such changes have a positive impact on the property values located within that area."
Artem Kardash
founder Miles&Yards
New Kolomna
"The development project for the South Kolomna district in St. Petersburg involves creating new attractions in the area and promoting it among both residents and tourists."
"The space of the Nikola's Rows, as well as the surrounding areas and buildings, will become a part of the established system of public, cultural, and business spaces in the district, each with its own specialization. Together, they will create a vibrant and modern identity for the Kolomna district."
Pushkin Village
"The development project covering an area of 21 hectares in the Pushkin district of St. Petersburg involves consolidating land plots, adapting cultural heritage objects for modern use, the phased relocation of industrial enterprises, and the construction of a low-rise residential complex with a total area of over 100,000 square meters."
"The heritage buildings will be reconstructed, and one of them will house a museum complex. The project includes plans for a school, two kindergartens, a children's soccer club, a lifestyle center, and a sports complex."
Business Petersburg
Public Spaces
"The 'Sevkabel Port' space has become a haven for creative and active residents of St. Petersburg. At first, in a metaphorical sense: it became a home to studios, shops, and cafes, hosting festivals and holidays. And now, after the opening of the pier, it has become a literal haven."
"The implementation of projects to adapt cultural heritage sites for modern use is always a complex and painstaking task. Utilizing the territory of a monument for public spaces is another way to bring such objects into circulation."
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Offices & Industrial
Drill factory
18 500 м2
Office A-class
5 500 м2
Alexander's factory
25 000 м2
Office B-class
2 200 м2
Falcon factory
25 000 м2
MetroMash Factory
40 000 м2
Hobbit factory
20 000 м2
Rowan factory
5 000 м2
10 000 м2
Office C-Class
8 000 м2
20 000 м2
Office A-Class
6 000 м2
"Creating new infrastructure for accommodating small and medium-sized enterprises is an important priority for us. Such enterprises are the foundation of the modern economy."
Artem Kardash
founder Miles&Yards
"Perhaps the most romantic ice rink in the city. The area of the ice field this year is 2,100 square meters, and the sea view has become even more striking due to the expansion of the project's space."
Blog Fiesta
"A real breakthrough for the winter and restricted by limitations Petersburg is a large-scale fair in the courtyard of the Nikola's Rows."
The Village
"In the summer, the cozy courtyard of the former Nikolsky Market resembles a green oasis in the heart of the metropolis. Here, you can always find refuge from the urban hustle and bustle, spend your time interestingly, and enjoy a delicious outdoor meal."
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