We will give you a value if
  • 50%
    you use commercial real estate
    for business
  • 100%
    owning the property
    generates you an income
  • 75%
    developing real estate
    is your passion
chapter 1: public spaces
How to attract
5 million visitors
to the industrial site?
chapter 2: pop-up public spaces
How to transform
a boring hotel into
modern public space?
chapter 3: mix use
What is the fair price for modern heritage?
chapter 4: offices
How much you can lose by owning expensive real estate?
chapter 5: renovation
What to do
if you have no ideas?
chapter 6: street-retail
What strategy should you choose if you are largest owner of street retail in the city?
chapter 7: arts and sciences
What project can you implement if you are
the largest company
in the country?
chapter 7: industrial sites
How to get more out
of industrial property?
chapter 9: industrial
What can you gain from unused property?
chapter 10: property management
How much can industrial real estate generate?
chapter 11: built-to-suit
How to attract investments
to your idea?
chapter 12: development
How to sell real estate for twice
its market price?
chapter 13: return to legendary origin
How much will
the real estate value if
gets involved?
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